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Cherry Hill Trail Crew


The Cherry Hill Trail Crew is a volunteer program of the Cherry Hill Township Environmental Board (CHEB) and is comprised of volunteers who have the principal responsibility of performing trail maintenance on all of the Township’s trails on a monthly basis and to promote conservation.  The Trail Crew organizes and hosts corporate, civic, youth groups to perform service projects on the Township’s trails to assist in the maintenance and preservation of Cherry Hill’s open spaces.


Why is Trail Maintenance Important?  Well maintained trails provide a pleasant trail experience, make the trails safe, minimizes the impact of the trails to the environment, and minimizes or addresses erosion. 


Trail Crew members work with hand tools such as shovels, Macleods, Pulaskis, clippers, rakes, as well as power tools such as mowers and weed trimmers.   The Trail crew performs trail clearing, trail improvements including erosion control, minor re-routes, improve wet areas, remove litter and debris, and report problems such as tree falls, vandalism, erosion and unauthorized trail building. 



We recognize the natural world as the sustaining factor of our quality of life as individuals and as a society. By caring for the earth and connecting people to nature through stewardship we build strong community and healthy individuals for now and in the future.


  • Be aware how your actions impact the earth and its natural resources.

  • Strive to leave a small footprint and take responsibility for your actions.

  • Educate others in the goals of conservation and how they can take part.

  • Get your hands dirty and shirt sweaty alongside others in service to conservation.

  • Think beyond today and protect the world for future generations.


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